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Tier 2 Facility ReportingEmergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reporting for Regulated Facilities
The deadline for filing 2016 Tier 2 Reports is Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Find more information on Tier 2 Reporting.

A Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a gathering of representatives in your community who have an interest in hazardous materials safety and emergency preparedness. As a group, they are tasked with identifying potential risks from chemicals stored in or transported throughout the community. The LEPC seeks ways to help minimize the risk, prevent accidents, and assist in the development of plans to deal with chemical emergencies and other hazards. Through the LEPC, the public can seek out information about chemicals in their communities and learn how to safely evacuate or shelter in place in the event of an emergency.


The Local Emergency Planning Committe (LEPC) was created to meet the requirement of the SARA Act and is charged with:

  • Creating an emergency chemical emergency plan (as outlined by IEMA)
  • Investigate spills and releases
  • Represent the interests of the public with the Tier II facilities (where hazardous substances are stored, created, and used in manufacturing processes)


The Stephenson County LEPC is the go between for the reporting facilities, first responders, and the public. If the public wants information related to the Tier II reporting, the LEPC is where the public can go to gain that information. The LEPC has a Freedom of Information Act policy related to Tier II information.

The Chairman runs the meetings and oversees the operations of the various sub-committees. The Vice Chairman is involved with several sub-committees and chairs the meetings when the Chairman is unavailable.

The Secretary records the meeting minutes, fills in as Chair or Vice Chair if those members are unavailable, works with the Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning (HMEP) Grant, maintains LEPC records in the Emergency Management Agency office and is a point of contact for the public.

Reporting:  If your facility needs to file a spill or release notice, send to the following address or call the SERC at 1-800-782-7860 (within state) or 1-217-782-7860 (when calling from out-of-state).

Emergency Release Notification Fact Sheet

Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Attn: Hazardous Materials Section
1035 Outer Park Drive
Springfield, IL 62704

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